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Let me make this totally clear from the outset.

I am not a medical practitioner.

I am not a qualified nutritionist.

I do not have lots of letters after my name.

I am simply someone who defeated cancer naturally after refusing to go down the ‘conventional’ route, from the very beginning. Having researched the conventional route, I was absolutely horrified at the whole issue of ill health, and how we are merely human profit centres for the pharmaceutical companies. I was of no use to them if I was fit and well – it was only as an ill person would they benefit from me, and it was not in their interest to get me well quickly. Far from it, in fact. I was abhorred, so I decided to compile this information website.

I don’t even begin to pretend to know everything, or indeed anything. So I enlist the help of the professional people, experts in their respective fields so that both you and I get the proper, researched information, along with the know-how re the practical application of those therapies – much of it by trying out the treatments personally.

In general, I think we can all agree that the medical profession is fantastic at saving and prolonging people’s lives in general. However, it is clear that the majority do not have an absolute clue about how to treat most major ailments with proper nutrition and using complementary/alternative treatments. This is the very foundation of good health and the prevention of disease? Any doctor will tell you that they have about NIL training on helath and nutrition!   I then discovered to my absolute horror, what was really going on ‘behind the scenes’ with regard to the health service and the drugs companies. As a nation, as the public, we are being taken for a ride (don’t worry – we will explain exactly why on the site, and our regular blog posts).

So let’s be clear on this – the human race cannot live without modern medicine, or the doctors, nurses and support workers who help our families live and thrive, or regain their health. I truly believe that conventional medicine and the alternative/complementary/natural therapies can live in harmony, integrating and supporting each other. This is known as ‘integrative’ medicine and is the main thrust of this website and blog.

We also know, from the many studies online that the survival rate from chemotherapy/radiation is less than 3%  – so it is up to us as individuals to take charge of our own health. It is our responsibility to do that, not the responsibility of the doctors and nurses.



My family also own and run Wikaniko (We Can Eco) which is a UK based eco-friendly/Health online shop, where eco-friendly also means eco-nomical.

My wife is an intuitive hypnotherapist and experienced CFT practitioner.

We also own a moringa plantation in Spain, and we stock a whole range of the incredible moringa supplements, teas and oil


You are someone who may be seeking answers for yourself, or a loved one.

You will find what you are looking for on this site. It is a mine of information that you will not get anywhere else.

You will also discover some things you have never known up until now!

We can help you dispel the myths, see through the lies of the pharmaceutical companies and some of the medical profession, and discover treatments and therapies that the big companies are continually trying to bury as there is no profit in cheap natural therapies v the drugs they are peddling. It is as simple as that – and people are dying in their hundreds of thousands, needlessly.

I have personally tried several of these therapies and suggested treatments at my own cost, to give you a proper ‘fly on the wall’ insight into what they feel like and how they actually work in practice. I am also practically experienced in the use of cannabis oil to benefit my health.

Take the time to look around as there is a lot of excellent, easy to understand information and ‘where to get it’ info as well (which you will find very handy)  If you are unsure of anything or want further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We hope this information helps you, and in time so that you can make an informed decision about the treatment path you know you should take. I say that I hope this information has got to you in time – because in 20 years time people will look back on this period and condemn the ‘modern’ cancer treatments as totally and utterly barbaric, akin to the leeches and blood-letting in our past history.

Wishing you the best of health,

The Wikaniko Team




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